Useful information

Here are some of the most frequently asked question on our website.

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How does toy scaling work?

The higher the second number of the ratio is (ie: 1/16 vs 1/64), the smaller the toy is, and vice versa.

Why are there two types of attachment?

Simply because American toys have different attachments than European toys.

How do we tell the difference between an American attachment and a Euro attachment?

For American toys, equipments have the hook. For European toys, tractors have the hook.

Are both attachments compatible?

 No. Make sure you pay attention to the type of attachment the toys you shop for have!

Are taxes included in the toy’s price?

No. Taxes will be applied on the prices during checkout (free shipping for orders of $100 and over before taxes).

Is it possible to buy toys some other way than from the website?

In this case, contacting Elliot Club by email is the most effective way for us to help, and find a solution!

Are the delivery fees fixed?

 No. They vary, depending on the volume of purchases. 

What is the time frame for delivery?

Usually, it takes between one and two weeks before your purchases are delivered to your door. However, if more than two weeks have passed since you have ordered your items, and you haven’t received them yet, contact us so we can follow up on the carrier and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

What about guarantees?

We offer and respect manufacturers guarantees for every single one of our products. 

Do you offer a delivery guarantee?

We offer a delivery guarantee until the purchases reach their delivery address. Please note that the purchases might be left at the address without the signature of the recipient.